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Personalized Content.

Cut through the noise and focus on what matters the most by generating a feed based on issues you care about and news organizations you trust.

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Breaking News.

Quickly consume breaking news based on what’s trending in your area of interest - allowing you to stay informed on the go.

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See News broken down on a Local, State, US, and International level - giving you complete control on how you want to consume content.

Share Your Perspective.

Read, comment, and share your perspective on articles being published while learning from the perspective of others.

Mobilize. Ballot.

Finally get visibility on politicians and propositions on a local, state, and federal level.

Know Your Politicians.

Learn about those in office by understanding their priorities, experience, education, contributors, supporters, and more.

Get Election Ready.

Know what you’re voting for before election day by researching and pledging for propositions and politicians ahead of time - allowing you to be more informed during election time.

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